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Hay-Day started this conversation
well we didnt make it im going to try again next year to go, hopefully it will be alittle easier for me to raise the money. I want to thank you  for those who showed interest and again to those who i have read about  who are helping kids out for Christmas thats a wonderful thing. oh also i wanted to say that i did have a picture up at one time , but my Mom took it down  she wouldnt let me keep the picture up, i know people want to see pictures , sorry about that.

Everyone have a Merry Christmas!
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As part of the settlement of my family's lawsuit against Ambassadors Group, docleaf, et al., I have been asked to request that your company remove statements from your website that may characterize, impugn, threaten, defame or disparage the defendants.  The following correctly states the current state of the matter between the parties and may be used in place of any removed comments:

Wrongful Death Lawsuit
for Tyler R. Hill Against Ambassadors Group, docleaf, et al., Officially Settled

MOUND, Minn., Aug. 6 /PRNewswire/ -- Allen and Sheryl Hill of Mound, Minn., today announced the official settlement of their civil action for wrongful death of their 16-year-old son, Tyler Hill; invasion of privacy; and fraud against Ambassadors Group Inc., People to People International, docleaf Ltd. and other individuals. The Hills signed the release on July 30. The terms of the settlement are confidential. Tyler died on a People to People Student Ambassador Trip to Japan on June 29, 2007. Since Tyler's death, the Hill's have been on a passionate mission to protect other traveling youth and have sought accountability, justice, restitution and reform.

REFORM: Traveling Youth's Standards of Safety Legislation

The Hill's mission for the safety of kids participating in travel programs is far from over. They seek reform through a bi-partisan federal law and the Traveling Youth's Standards of Safety (TY's SOS legislation), and have engaged Senator Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) and Congressman Erik Paulsen (R-MN). The pursued legislation is to ensure safety measures, sanctions and penalties are in place to protect traveling youth. No safety standards, sanctions or penalties exist to protect children's health and safety rights while entrusted to third parties, especially during travel programs. Children have been denied health care, died, hurt, abandoned, raped and suffered severe illnesses, while traveling with some student travel programs. There is currently no oversight committee watch dogging the student travel industry.

Danielle Grijalva, director for the Committee for Safety of Foreign Exchange Students, applauds the Hill's advocacy for safety and sanctions during travel abroad programs. She said, "I receive numerous complaints about other travel agencies from children and their parents about supervisors being intoxicated, molestations, children being denied health care when they are sick, unsanitary living quarters and 'unaccounted for' children. Parents need to inform themselves of the safety record of agencies and supervisors they are entrusting their kids to." Grijalva recommends parents contact foreign police authorities to report abuse and then contact local, state and federal agencies to report child endangerment. Until laws are passed to impose sanctions and potential imprisonment, Grijalva believes that egregious stories like Tyler's will remain all too common.
About Tyler Hill

Tyler Hill was born on June 6, 1991, on the anniversary of D-Day, in Edina, Minn. A natural athlete and honor roll student, Tyler was a first year MVP for rugby, a tight end in football, a winger in hockey and an advanced scuba diver. He was a junior officer of the Mound Westonka High School DECA club, and he discovered and reported a bomb threat to school authorities and was recognized for his actions. Ty will be remembered for his big smile and tender heart. He passed away on June 29, 2007, while on a People to People Student Ambassadors trip to Tokyo, Japan, apparently from severe dehydration. For more of Tyler's story, visit Details About Tyler Hill’s Death During a People to People Student Ambassador Trip and the T Hill Bill for Safety Standards.
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Talk to Sher2009

 You must have a guardian angel.  My son died on a PTP trip to Japan last year.  PTP tours are overpriced and underperformed.  Generally, children are not nominated they are solicited under mass mailings with a decpetive letter making you believe you were nominated. PTP is under fire by more than 5 attorney generals.

 Also, President Eisenhower never founded PTP his name is no where on the articles of incorporation.  Ambassadors Group Inc. is a for profit who paid for the rights to use the People to People name from the non-profit People to People International.  PTPI states in their response to our lawsuit that they have no affiliation with PTP Student Ambassadors whatsoever. 

 We have filed a wrongful death/fraud et al lawsuit and working on the T HILL BILL for Safety Standards on foreign travel programs.  You can learn more at We have also filed a Federal Trade Commission Complaint on Ambassadors Group dba PTP for deceptive marketing tactics. This report is also on the website above. 

 I encourage you to travel and reach for peace and international understanding, but not with this company.  Try to to sign up with your school.  You'll save thousands, be better protected and get what you expect.  Kids on Ty's tour were sometimes 9 to a room without adult supervision.  It was a tour, no exclusive access whatsoever.  The visit to the Japanese Government center was up and down an elevator. And not all schools accept the credits they promote. 

 You have unlimited potential. I wish you safety and great experiences at affordable prices. 
 I am thankful you are safe and not being duped.  I will forever be

Ty's proud mom,


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hi I have been looking at this site i was sad to see most pledges dont work there are so many people in need of help, i wish i could help more,exspecially for christmas time. It made me feel selfish to ask for help for my program. I would like people to help all the children that need it before even concidering my aidpage. I dont even know what it would be like to not have Christmas, all these post for help, The holidays are a time for giving and helping.

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